As there are users who are not entirely passionate about coding or programming but only interested in technology news and information in general, this page will serve as a good source for them, to be able to stay in touch with the latest trends and breakthroughs occurring on the IT scene.

There might be some who are interested in software or hardware information; drivers or even actual PC parts and this page aims at bringing the best out of these domains; maintaining an up-to-date newsfeed where one can obtain information about changes which might have occurred for the policy of a particular software company; the breakthrough that was established by a hardware company with a new part and so forth.

Since the IT world is constantly shifting and changing, more and more so in the recent years, the Internet is filled with information about particular aspects of the different technological news, which might not be 100% accurate as far as the data supporting it goes. Therefore, the Avid Programmer’s Blog ensures that all the presented news is authentic and accurate, offering users and readers with the most precise and up to date information.

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Regardless of the preferences of users who are passionate about technology and informatics in a global context, the Avid Programmer’s Blog will offer mixed news, covering all the little aspects of the local and regional tech scene, as well as the international news, which might concern technological giants, such as IBM, Apple, Samsung, Oracle, etc.

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