Of course, one of the first questions that springs to mind for all those who are reading the Avid Programmer’s Blog is what is the basis of all the information regarding coding and the programming language that is presented. And the answer will be offered in this page, which was composed in order to offer users a selection of books and papers that represent some of the literature that is the basis of all posts regarding programming which they can find on the blog.

Having chosen to use books and scientific articles for referencing the blog content is a well-considered approach since almost all the Internet knowledge can be questioned to some extent and hence, the making official publications a far more reliable source of information.

Leaving aside the referencing and documenting the process, and the purpose of the available literature, the references offered will also enable all those who are just emerging from the coding scene, with a collection of resources they can rely on for a thorough learning process.

Although all the e-Books and articles provided are freely available on the Internet, an attempt is made to come to the aid of fellow programmers worldwide, by the founding members of the Avid Programmer’s Blog and this end, have decided to gather the available information and share it on a centralized platform, thereby saving users from time consuming searches.

Starting from the basics, with Pascal and C++ or C+ programming languages and ending with the more recent approaches, such as Java or JavaScript, the provided literature enables users to have a “dive” into an ocean of coding resources, which might just be what they are looking for in order to complete their thesis, personal projects or even work assignments. However, just accessing the information offered in the literature isn’t enough and those who wish to become better at coding are advised to practice the learned techniques too.