This page will offer users and readers some general information regarding the blog’s early beginnings, as well as present and future trends.

Initially founded as a non-profit initiative for sharing coding and programming information over a LAN network in the founding members’ neighborhood, Avid Programmer’s Blog quickly grew into something of a popular choice with a lot of programmers. In its early emerging stages, the blog only conveyed the IT news that was available on the Internet at that time, but several years later, its founding members are writing and publishing their own unique news, and editorial content.

The fact that the Avid Programmer’s Blog has made the transition from just presenting available news to actually writing and publishing its own news-feed had a tremendous impact in terms of the number of visitors, which escalated significantly after the change.

More and more users are visiting the blog, both novices who are merely programming enthusiasts, as well as more experienced coders, with all of them searching for useful information, guidance, tips & tricks or simply for reading the available news. The blog has grown ever since, and it is constantly growing, and to prove its efficacy, increasing numbers of users leave their comments and testimonials, after visiting the blog.

Considering the current trends, it is safe to assume that the Avid Programmer’s Blog will most likely present IT news and programming information for all, in the years to come, thereby remaining one of the most important coding and programming resources out there.

The founding members of the blog wish to invite everyone to have a look at the following pages, search for the required information, in order to learn more about various programming languages or merely to read the IT news. There’s much information to find and read, in various categories, for all users.

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