All those who have had trouble with their day-to-day PC and IT work and are seeking for a way to improve their workflows have come to the right place by visiting the Avid Programmer’s Blog, and this page, in particular, will offer insight into what they seek. This page was designed in order to offer people the chance to understand how their work can be made more efficient and less time consuming, by resorting to the aid of well-targeted programming.

One of the most sticking aspects that come to mind when one wishes to either improve or even automate any PC or IT related undertaking, is a form of automation, which most of the time implies process recurrence and other means of performing a set of actions in a scheduled manner, that is meant to remove the necessity of user interaction in any process.

Where coding and the programming languages come to one’s aid, they constitute the ideal basis for automating and improving the efficiency of almost any software process (or hardware, through the necessary supporting software).

Once users have managed to understand the fact that one of the most important ways of improving their workflow is the automation through proper coding, they can then proceed and delimit their specific processes that need improving. A classic approach might involve a UML diagram, with classes, objects, processes, and iterators. The iterators represent the automation processes themselves, which are responsible for the recurrence in some of the steps of the required workflow.

Having identified the areas of a workflow where iterators can be placed, half of the necessary work is done, enabling users to make a selection of the optimal programming language that might solve the automation process.

All those who are interested in the subject are invited to browse through the following pages, where more details regarding the different coding languages and their characteristics will be provided.