On this special page, all those who come from the sphere of advanced programming will be able to find information and data which might be useful for more complex approaches, when it comes to coding.

A collection of resources was assembled by the Avid Programmer’s Blog founding members, which they hope will serve as a good starting point for those who are in need of specific code blocks or sequences, that can be applied for specific processes.

Be it patches that can be used in most programming approaches, in order to save time, or simple code lines that perform tasks as simple as iterations, this page will enable advanced users to save some time by searching and using the required code.

The provided text strings are categorized in accordance with the different programming languages, and users will be able to find resources for the following: C, C++, C#, Python, HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, RAD, Delphi, Embarcadero, etc.

Depending on the required application for the code they are looking for, users can resort to the provided classification, which enables them to find the code they are looking for by sorting the available one according to several criteria: patches, blocks, lines or simplified structures, such as iterators, decoders, encoders, etc.

In addition to the provided text strings that can serve as code in whichever approach users are required to patch, the page also offers literature for advanced programmers, which has been added separately to save novices and inexperienced users from stumbling upon it, in the dedicated literature page.

As with all sharing approaches, the founding members of the Avid Programmer’s Blog encourage all users to spread the word about the blog and its corresponding resources, as these might be of great interest to those who are seeking tools that can help them in their programming undertakings.