In the following pages, you can find a series of articles which comprise the Avid Programmer’s Blog and are meant to offer all IT and programming fans out there a well documented and updated news feed from the coding world. In these pages, you can also find information on various applications, programming languages and other useful resources that might appeal to the tech savvy out there.

Nowadays, with the constant advances in the field of technology, and the resultant transition to a more “IT-oriented approach” in almost all undertakings, the online world is replete with an impressive amount of knowledge about programming, coding and other relevant aspects.

This blog not only sets out to offer users with regular updates and news from the programming scene but also offer valuable insight, into resources such as literature and other factors that can be used by coding professionals to improve their skills.

They will be taken on a journey that will explain how almost all IT workflows can be improved using programming, thereby saving precious time, and resources. Thus, they will be able to access several important literature sources that can be a valuable tool for emerging programmers.

Furthermore, these pages will touch upon some of the programming languages available out there, and their various characteristics and advantages, thereby letting users make the best possible choice, for their individual approaches.

Finally, more complex programming information will be shared with the advanced coders, who wish to “step-up their game” and gain even more knowledge and tips for increased knowledge about coding, and even how to build your own VPN server.